Singing, Walking & Celtic Music – Lamington NP

@ O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, Lamington National Park, Queensland

4-11 September 2022

3 rooms still available for a single, twin and a double.

Welcome to our first venture in this gorgeous part of the world. Restore and replenish yourself in a week of singing, walking and music in the beautiful Lamington National Park, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Our home for the week is the iconic O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat.

Our program offers two music streams- singing or instrumental.  Choose daily singing and choir workshops with Rachel Hore or Celtic melody playing and accompaniment with Dave O’Neill. You will be in the same music stream all week, and we’ll join the classes together to work together on a song.

Add to this fabulous walks of 1-3 hours led by Jo Cresswell and Woo O’Reilly. The walks can be hilly but you can choose your level amongst the signed or guided walks.

O’Reilly’s offer activities that you also are welcome to engage in. These include signed walking trails, massage, spas, facials, infinity pool, bird walks, a Flying Fox adventure, Birds of Prey show.

Singing and Choir

Learn new songs and choral arrangements in 3 and 4 part harmony with Rachel Hore.  Rachel weaves every voice seamlessly into a beautiful choir with songs that are full of joy and heart.

Develop your voice over this week, learning more about  pitch, rhythm,  sol-fa and blending with other singers.

Celtic Music Class

Dave O’Neill will teach both tunes and accompaniment for all instruments. Focus will be on learning by ear, with printed music also available. He will also give private lessons and lead sessions in the evening.

Celtic Music Option for Singers

If you are in the singing classes but would like a lesson with Dave you can organise that with him during the week. Half hour private lesson $45/full hour $90.