Jo Cresswell plays from her heart across her instruments: concertina, piano and improvisational step dance.  Traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, France & Scandinavia is the music she loves the best.  

She has performed as a member of various dance and concert bands including The Hudson Bay Company (USA) and The Perfect Cure and Halliracket in Australia. Her concert repertoire has come to the fore in duos with guitarist Dave O’Neill ; Cellist Rita Woolhouse, US flautist Kris Willits; instrumentalist Ben Stephenson & fiddler Sarah Davies.

Jo is co-founder and Director of the Charlotte Pass Celtic Music Camp. She’s committed to creating musical projects that are human scale, sustainable and encourage education and connection.

As an arts administrator she has managed numerous festivals, events, conferences, workshops and residential retreats. Jo was for 6 years the Assistant Director then Program Manager (a job that was later rebranded Artistic Director) of the Australian National Folk Festival, and is a founding member of Folk Alliance Australia, Australia’s peak folk organisation.

Jo performs regularly and teaches Celtic music, step dance, piano, concertina and musicianship. Her business, the Celtic Arts Agency, fosters these and other activities.

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