Celtic Arts Agency: Private Lessons

If you prefer the one-on–one approach, you can arrange for private lessons on piano and concertina. You will learn ways of infusing your music with the Celtic lilt and lift.

Piano lessons are available for children and adults, beginners to intermediate. We can work with written music or play by ear, and as well as Celtic style piano I can teach you melody and accompaniment styles. Guaranteed painless tuition! Come and share a joyful, creative space.

Lessons are $25 per half hour.

Jo’s Music Teaching Background

Piano: Jo’s piano repertoire as a child was classical but she now prefers to compose her own music or draw on a repertoire of Celtic traditional and contemporary pieces.

Jo has studied classical, Celtic and improvisational piano with Barbara McDonald Magone, Tracey Dares & Alaudin Mathieu, USA; Muriel Johnstone & David Milligan, Scotland. She has attended Scotland’s Celtic Connections Winter School and the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School in the USA..

Jo is joined at her studio by piano teachers who specialise in classical, contemporary, blues and jazz styles and are able to take students through AMEB exams.

Concertina: Concertina players are a rare breed in Australia and teachers are few and far between. Jo has taught concertina since the early 1990s; her own teachers include concertina master Noel Hill & John McMahon, Ireland and Sandra Kerr, England.

She has studied at world reknowned traditional celtic music schools including, in Ireland, the Willie Clancy Summer School at Miltown Malbay and Drumshambo Traditional Music School in County Leitrim.

Jo’s concertina repertoire includes Scottish, Irish, Scandinavian, English and American tunes and she can put it through its paces as both solo and accompanying instrument.


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