Cresswell & Co

Exquisitely beautiful music from the Scottish tradition !

This trio are a contemporary take on Scottish music, with forays into Scandinavia, some original compositions, and flashes of Hardanger fiddling and stepdance. This collaboration brings together Jo Cresswell on concertina, piano and rhythmical footwork; either Lachlan Green on fiddle and hardanger or Dave O’Neill on fiddle/guitar; and Rita Woolhouse on cello.

With recent acclaimed appearances at the Cobargo, Majors Creek & National Celtic Festivals, and an exquisite new CD ‘Elysium’, they are making a name for themselves on the Australian folk scene.

“These guys were our festival pick – we came away on a high!”

(Rose & Mike Clear, 2012 Cobargo Folk Festival)

“Its very rare that I will sit in a concert entranced by the sheer beauty of the musical performance. I had such a pleasure listening to Cresswell & Co at the National Celtic Folk Festival. “

(Una McAlinden, Artistic Director, National Celtic Festival)

Jo Cresswell is a well known exponent of celtic music and stepdance and a highly regarded music educator. Her contemporary approach to piano and concertina is founded on a strong understanding of traditional music. She has perfomed throughout the world with artists such as Alasdair Fraser, Grey Larsen, Dave O’Neill & Ben Stephenson.

Here's a sample music clip with Jo on solo piano playing Waiting - from Cresswell & Co's new CD 'Elysium'.

Lachlan Green Lachlan Green is gaining a reputation in Australia and the Northern Hemisphere as an outstanding fiddler in the Scottish and Scandinavian traditions. He recently soloed on Hardanger fiddle with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s production of Peer Gynt and in 2011 directed an orchestra of musicians for the National Folk Festival’s ‘Scottish Fiddle Rally’.


Dave O’Neill is one of Australia’s leading acoustic instrumentalists on guitar, fiddle and mandolin and a recognized folk style singer. He has taught music internationally for 35 years. He is known from lineups such as Straight Ahead, Eric Bogle, Bushwackers and currently O’Neill & Rogers.

Here is a sample music clip with Dave on guitar and Jo on the piano with the beautiful Josephine's Waltz


Rita Woolhouse is a cellist who enjoys playing many styles of music. She has been part of the folk scene in New South Wales for a number of years performing in bands such as Madd Marianne, We Love you Madly, Replay and Springtide. She has recently played the Edinburgh Festival and toured to such stellar capital cities as Mumbai Dapto and Honiara with the celebrated cabaret group Funkier than Alice.

Cresswell & Co are available as a duo or trio for weddings, parties, corporate functions, festivals, dances – any event that requires Celtic music and a warm personality.

Video links

Cresswell & Co have a number of video clips on Youtube - here are a couple:

To see and hear Jo, Lachlan & Rita play F#minor lyric Strathspey/The Shepherdess Click here

To see and hear Jo, Lachlan and Rita play Hughie Shortie set Click here

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