Celtic Arts Agency: Music Courses

If music be the food of love . . .

If the melody is what touches your heart, take some time to develop your music skills – playing by ear, ensemble playing, learning new styles and tunes and learning how to “work the room” in a relaxed group setting.

“I just want you to know how much I am enjoying your music course. It’s giving me lots of new insights into playing and listening, and your teaching style is warm and relaxed but efficient. It’s great!”
—Judy Baker, musician, dance teacher and folk music radio presenter.

Details of Music Classes

Courses run for nine weeks and are offered as requested.  While each course has a syllabus, there is room for attention to individual student’s needs.

Jo can also tailor courses for your organisation or school.

Courses regularly on Offer

Playing by Ear
Come and learn some easy ways to make the transition into playing music by ear or improving your ability in this area. You’ll also learn some great tunes from the folk tradition and work on other aspects of musicianship.

Session Playing
A course for melody players to build repertoire & sets, improve rhythm and control, practice leading & introducing tunes at the ‘right’ speed, develop the ability to work with a metronome, develop speed drills and learn session etiquette.

Arranging Celtic Music
This is a course for melody players & accompanists who would like to gain experience with arrangements. We’ll start with simple ideas such as droning and move onto counter-melody, harmony, improvisation and accompaniment options. The aim is to open up the palette of things you’re able to do in musical conversation and to give you structures you’ll become confident building within.

Celtic Music: An Introduction
A course for people who play an instrument and would like to play Celtic music and for musicians who want to improve their understanding of Celtic rhythm, phrasing and ornamentation. We’ll look at tunes from Scotland, Ireland, Shetland, Brittany & Cape Breton Island.

Performance Skills – Taking Stage
To increase your confidence playing in front of other people, help you develop your own repertoire and to gain or improve performance skills. How to overcome “nerves”, optimise presentation opportunities, deal with the unexpected, “work the room” – and have a good time while you’re doing it!

Music for Adults with Disabilities
Anyone can find a place to experience and participate in music.  Jo regularly teaches groups with ‘Music for Everyone’ (www.mfe.org.au)  using a broad palette of instruments, movement and vocal expression.  Private sessions are also available.


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