Celtic Arts Agency: Dance Courses

If dance Is your Muse . . .

When she dances, Jo says, “I feel it in my system, I arrive inside myself, vibrant, energised, balanced, a rightness to life, joy, connection.”

Have you ever longed to be the one at a dance – or on stage - hoppin’ and leppin’ and doing amazingly tricky things with your feet? Fulfill the dream and come to a course in Cape Breton Step Dance (think tap dance crossed with Riverdance).

Cape Breton step dancing originated in Scotland then traveled with immigrants to Cape Breton Island which is off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. It looks like Irish dancing, but with relaxed arms and the weight more fully on the foot. To emphasise the percussive sound dancers wear hard shoes – even tap shoes.

The style of dance is done in accompaniment to a melody instrument such as a fiddler, playing traditional jigs, reels and strathspeys from Scotland or Cape Breton Island. Once you’ve learned the steps you can use them in Scottish or Irish set dancing, bush dances or solo dancing. Kiss your wallflower days goodbye – be ready to float like a butterfly, clatter like a xylophone!

“Jo is an eloquent improvisational dancer with a great sympathy for the music. I’ve seen her teach dance and feel she is a gifted, naturally skilled teacher. She has the ability to notice and help individuals while monitoring and teaching the whole class, and is an excellent demonstrator.” (Grey Larsen, internationally renowned Irish flute player, composer and teacher)

Details of Dance Classes

Jo offers Cape Breton stepdance classes for beginners and intermediate level dancers. New courses start every school term in Canberra, and workshops are available for festivals, private organisations and schools.


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